EJFA History

After the inception of The College of Food and Agriculture as the College of Agricultural Sciences in the academic year 1980/1981, the College continued its intense efforts to become one of the best institutes in the region in terms of its quality faculty members, research and publications. The college started a scientific journal in the year 1989 with the name, Emirates Journal of Agricultural Sciences, for disseminating the research conducted in the faculty as well as the fellow researchers from all over the world both in English and Arabic languages. During the early period of its establishment, the journal continued to be a yearly one which publishes only one volume and one issue per year. On 2001, the journal was restructured and the size was fixed to standard A4 with an international outlook. And up to 2002, there was no international editorial board. On 2003, the international editorial board was established, and the journal continued to grow to international fame. During this period, the journal received many international indexing. The year 2001 was a milestone in the journal's history, as the journal established its online platform. From 2003, the journal increased its frequency and started publishing 2 issues per volume per year. In 2007, the name of the journal was changed and the new name "Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture" was established. From that volume, the journal stopped publishing Arabic papers, and become more international. With promising submissions of manuscripts to EJFA, the journal increased in issues frequency and pages starting February 2010. After publishing 21 Volumes (28 issues) since 1989, the frequency increased from 2 issues to 6 issues per year starting with volume 22nd. From year 2013, which is Silver Jubilee year for EJFA, the number of issues increased to 12 per year with doi numbers for each articles, so that the EJFA become a monthly journal, first monthly scientific journal from the region!

Editors in Chief Emeriti

Mahmud A. Duwayri [1989-1991]
Nuhad J. Daghir [1992-1995]
Mahmoud A. Affifi [1996-1999]
Ghaleb A. Al-Hadrami [2000-2002]
Ahmed S. Hussein [2003-2010]
Ahmed S. Hussein, Mohammed A. Salem, Abdul Jaleel [2010-2012]

Abdul Jaleel [2013-....]