• Shehadeh Kaskous Department of Research and Development, Siliconform GmbH Company, Schelmengriesstrasse 1, D-86842 Türkheim/Allgäu, Germany


Camel milk is known in Asia and Africa for 5000 years for its benefits for human health. Therefore, it is not only consumed as food, but also as remedy. Many studies have reported, that camel milk has very high concentration of mono-and polyunsaturated fatty acids, serum albumin, lactoferrin, immunoglobulin's, vitamins C, and E, lysozyme, manganese and iron, as well as the hormone insulin. Therefore, camel milk can be prescribed as remedy in many human illnesses. It has been proven as a useful application in stomach and intestinal disorders, Diabetes-1, food allergy. In addition camel milk has been used to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, to avoid psoriasis disease, to heal inflammation in the body, to assist patients with tuberculosis, helping to strengthen the human immune system, to reduce growth the cancer cells and to cure autism. Even the patient can benefit from the biological factors in camel milk, it must be consumed raw, fresh and free of pathogens after a good machine milking. These potential health benefits of camel milk should be further study.

Keywords: biological factors, Camel milk, Human disease
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